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UK house prices rise unexpectedly in December


housepricesAccording to Halifax British house prices posted a surprise monthly rise in December, although they were likely to remain broadly flat in 2013.

The mortgage lender said prices climbed 1.3% last month, compared to economists’ forecasts for no change and after an upwardly revised rise of 1.6% in November.

However, prices in the three months to December were 0.3% lower than a year ago.

“Overall, last year saw an even mix of monthly rises and falls, as prices lacked any real direction as both demand and supply pressures remained largely unchanged during 2012. We expect continuing broad stability in house prices nationally in 2013,” Halifax economist Martin Ellis said.

Finding a solution to predicting peaks and trough in the property market sector by comparing the present economy, to past trends and future forecasts will require a multi-dimensional analytics software package, this is where Informatrix OneView can help.

Businesses that adopt  Infomatrix OneView can benefit from increased efficiency and awareness of the key factors that can impact their growth and market share.


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