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NHS chief ‘determined’ over reforms


Sir-David-NicholsonUnder-fire NHS boss Sir David Nicholson has said he is “absolutely determined” to lead the NHS through the coming health reforms despite calls for him to resign.

Sir David said the NHS is currently at “maximum risk” as the controversial changes are implemented throughout the country. The NHS chief executive said he would stay in his role to see the reforms through. He said that at the moment the NHS is facing its greatest challenge.

Speaking to the Commons Health Select Committee Sir David stated: “In the next few days we will abolish over 160 organisations and we will set up another 211 local organisations and a whole myriad of national ones. We’ll completely change the way in which we allocate resources and incentivise the NHS. At the same time, we have already lost 13,500 administrative and management staff that have all that corporate memory in them. So it is at maximum risk over the next few days. I said two years ago that I would take the responsibility of leading the NHS through this enormously complex set of changes. I promised both the Government and the NHS that I would see that through and I am absolutely determined to do that over the next period.”

Sir David told the committee that the need to motivate NHS staff had been “lost” at the time of the Mid-Staffordshire problems, as the system focused on management systems.

Rising costs and increased regulation have created exceptional challenges across the NHS and cater the need of an effective healthcare solution. Infomatrix has developed a healthcare solution in collaboration with Infohealth Solutions, the OneView Medical Device Asset Management (f2), which is a post-modern healthcare solution to managing information needs in the healthcare sector.

The OneView Platform, a multiple data source combined to be displayed in a single view and accessed online as a form of web based reporting, this enables users to upload information and spread sheets to create reports and perform in-depth analyses from multi-dimensional analytics in real time.

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